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Building My Steemit Assets

There are several people who claim that Steemit is only about blogging and cryptocurrencies. My perception, Steemit is a real business to all Steemians. Your actual commodity in this platform is your blog or content, your currency for payment and exchange are the Steem and Steem dollar while your marketplace is the Steemit World. Just like any corporate ladder, your position is your reputation and just like any celebrity your fans are your followers and the community. Your strength and asset is your Steem Power.
In financial world, Assets are the fuel of every business. Building your asset would give you power and flexibility, while your liabilities are those entities that create expenses. Steem Power is our asset in Steemit business, the more SP you have the bigger chance of earning great income.

I’ve been reading different articles created in Steemit for more or less 100 days and most of the expert is pointing to only two answers on how you can grow in this platform, the first is to create the best possible content you can produce and second is to increase your Steem Power.
I’ll be focused on discussing more on the energy source of every Steemians, their Steem Power. When I was several day old here, what I care only was to create a content and promote it, hoping for people’s upvote especially those with high vote value. As my stay progress I was able to learn that you need to enhance this asset to create leverage that will produce higher income. I have seen Steemians hurrying to exchange their SBD for fiat currency and they call it earnings. Almost all my blogs were bleeding with low upvotes even though I create post everyday my earning was just the same.
Plankton like me without crypto-currency to invest to boost my Steem Power is almost impossible to survive and may give-up writing because of the low return. As I study, I realize that there are several ways to start gaining SP without investing money by refraining from withdrawing my Steem Dollar immediately. I need to use my SBD to buy vote to push-up my Steem Power. This might take long but with better return in the long run.
When I save enough SP, I will be delegating it to bid bots to earn daily income so that I can invest those earnings to further power-up my account and sell votes to create more passive income. Once I gained more SP through this method my curation reward will be higher too and will produce more SP. I can ask a collective effort of our community to invest their earned SBD to be converted to SP for delegation to help us all create more income.
I may not have plenty of capital to invest, but by slowly going through other methods on how to increase SP it will help me survive in the Steemit ocean and will become one of the big whale later.
Steem Power is like a solar energy that helps every plants live and give natural power to humans. It fuels the Steemians life. With great contents and enough Steem Power you can go to vacation and wait for your payouts to come. You can use applications to automate your post and upvotes.

In any business, there is no easy way, there are struggles and challenges you just need to learn how to live with it. Adversaries may hinder us for a while but with persistence we can all improve our way of life using this platform.
With the help of God we can continue to survive using Steemit and move other people’s lives through our writings.
Build your own assets now.

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