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What Are The Causes Of Man’s Suffering?

There was a man sitting on a chair crying. He learned that he has a cancer of the lungs. The cough and drop in weight, he thinks was just a part of being old, was the manifestation that he was sick. He was murmoring, “why did this suffering happened to me”. He was quick to judge that God gave it to him.
The man was on his 55th year of earthly existence. He lived a wonderful life. He finished law in a prestigious university. He earned a very huge amount of money from his client because he was a brilliant lawyer. Despite his success in life, he was drunk every night for the last ten years and he smoked half of his life. He was a mainstay of a bar next to their office. During weekends, morning caught him still inside bars.

The man thought it was a punishment or test from God. He even question why God had given him this deadly disease. He punched his breast asking why this things were happening to him. He forgot he’s a drunkard and a chronic smoker.

What are the reasons people suffer from grief? Is this God given? Who’s doing all the cruelty, happening to men?

There are 3 reasons why grief, suffering, problem, cruelty and depression are happening to all of us.

When you happen to abuse yourself during your younger years, if not early death, most like you’ll end up getting chronic disease. Punished yourself by having vices and often no rest and sleep, what would you expect from your body? It will deteriorate fast. The natural aging process will be hastened by toxins continously sent to the body. Diseases and ailments will surely follow.
  • No wonder the man in the story above developed the cancer of the lungs because of his lifestyle. It was not God who inflicted the disease to him. What happened was his own doing. He spent his life doing the things of the flesh. He never realized that all the earthly things he had done, made him suffer.
  • An obese women crying of an aching knee, asks why she walks in pain. She never realized her weight was the cause of the pain in her knee.
  • A man crying because his girlfriend left him. It was his being womanizer that push away his girlfriend from him.
  • Improper waste and garbage disposal lead to flooding and may take away lives. This was a natural phenomenon man experienced because of carelessness and self-centeredness. The garbage you throw will come back to you.
This is a manifestation that human is capable of making his own suffering. His problems were self-made. It will be unrighteous to accuse God of doing these sufferings to us while infact we are the maker of all of these.
A righteous man who suffers difficulties in life is not being punished but being tested. He needs to endure all the pain, sufferings and grievances of this life to make himself ready for the world to come. He who suffers the most would have a better chance of making it to the final judgement. Blessed are those who suffer in righteousness for they will be comforted.

He who endureth sufferings will be saved in the judgement day!

A righteous man may experience a temporary difficulties in life because of his sins but when he repent from his sins, went back to his righteous ways and obey God, he’ll be forgiven and his life will starts to become happier and at peace. God is merciful, he wants us to go back to our righteous ways and do repentance from our sins. His loving kindness is always there. He may make you suffer a bit but surely he wants you to be saved.
However, an unrighteous man, who are not willing to end his evil deeds, will taste the punishment of God, here and in the world to come. The punishment of the unrighteous will never cease. An unrighteous man suffers because of his own evil deeds. In the judgement day, he who have done evil will face his punishment that will never last.
God gives us hardships, not to punish us, but to send us message that we should repent from our sins and go back to the path of righteousness. He wants us to obey His commandments and serve him, through that we’ll be saved.

“The people of God will do good deeds, while evil people will be more evil!”

Why God allows us to suffer because of evil people?

There are many times, our sufferings are bring about by people who are happy to see us suffer. They are those people who enjoy inflicting physical harm to us. There are people who attact us because of our religion and beliefs. They make us suffer physically, mentally and emotionally.
We need to endure this sufferings inflicted to us by others. It will be a benefit to us because it makes us stronger in faith. Our endurance to these sufferings helps us to be closer to God. Let yourself suffer more, for every suffering that we take, we share the sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross.
Let’s pray for those people who grieve us and let’s do good deeds to them. Our goodness and kindness may make them change for the better and may help them realize that God is with us. God wants every man to change their evil ways and go back to His fold. He extends His mercy to the sinners. When people make us suffer, don’t think of revenge. God will do His revenge for us. God wants these people to return to Him. He wants these people to be saved also that’s why He prolong their existence and never punish them immediately. He gives them time to realize that the salvation of their soul is important to God.

“God allow us to suffer because it make us stronger in faith and to help others change and follow Him!”

For people who never cease in doing evil deeds, they will face the wrath of the Lord come judgement day. They will be thrown in the see of fire. They will suffer eternally.


Man suffers depressions and grief due to lack of faith in God. They feel hopeless and down. Failure and mistakes sometimes are unbearable for us but we should always trust God in every situation. Remember that we will not be given burdens that we can’t carry. The cause of anxiety and deppressions are failure to forgive other people. The ache and pain of mistakes of others seems unforgiving to some. They carry it in their hearts for a long time.
Let go of everything that burden you. Put your trust to God that He will not forsake nor leave you. Learn to fogive and forget the mistakes of other people. If you forgive a person who commit mistake to you, God will also forgive your sins. Seek God and you’ll find happiness and peace.

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