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What Real Success Is All About?

”SUCCESS is not about what you accomplished, but what you had given.”

SUCCESS is most commonly measured by the amount of wealth, career development and status in the society. Never they thought that success is not what you collected but what you had shared. The real happiness and fulfillment is achieved through giving.

In reality, many people think they are successful when they are wealthy. Once they are rich, they tend to protect their wealth by acquiring more. They are afraid to lose their wealth, so by getting more they can spread their influence by the use of their money. Some of them even run for government office for protection, security and to acquire more. When they reach a certain level of attachment and affection to wealth and money, it’s the time they become greedy. Money becomes their god. They think being rich is success.
Most common misconception is “money can buy everything”. They thought money can buy happiness. Yet there were many successful and wealthy people died looking for happiness. They anticipate when they have money they’ll be successful in everything they want to do.

”Love of Money is the root of all evil.”

There are many people who worship their money. Their lives became too dependent with money. Money rule their world. They will do everything just to have more, even to the point of doing evil deeds for the sake of money. They never realize, the devil lured them to it.
What they don’t know, material wealth will stay in this world but they will pass. They won’t be able to bring those material things to their grave. Their wealth can’t even ressurect them when they die.
What real success is all about?
Find real happiness in giving. True successful people are happy and satisfied with what they have, and more glad when they give. The joy in giving makes a man fulfilled. It is more satisfying to help people who can’t return back what they owe. Choose to give people who are less capable of paying you back.

Material wealth will be perished but spiritual wealth will be your ticket to heaven. Every time you see opportunity to give and do good deeds to others, grab it because all good intentions came from God. You may not see success fully in this world but you have a chance to experience success in eternity.

To God Be The Glory!

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