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You Are Not Poor!

Literally, you’ll see people experience their life suffer in poverty. They can’t comprehend why they have to live like that. The material needs are truly in scarcity and almost no food to put in their mouth. Who’s fault is this misery should point into. The intellectual people continue to state the fact that poverty is a sickness of the society but even them can’t do anything about it.

It’s not your fault when you were born poor, but don’t allow yourself to die poor.

I believe, I don’t know if you’ll agree, that there is no person born poor especially those people who don’t have physical abnormalities. If you are complete physically and mentally, meaning you are not poor. You have the physical blessings given to you by our Creator. A person only have to use his capabilities and develop skills to equip him to do the necessary things to live a decent life.
However, there are pople even with a decent job and live a normal life still think they are poor. They still ask, why they don’t enjoy luxury the rich people experience. They envy those who have plenty of material possession.

“He is not poor who has little; he only desires much!”
Human contentment is a struggle that commonly a person has to face to learn the true value of life. The material satisfaction is the focus of the human mind. The things and wealth of this world is very tempting, for every man, in satisfying the need of the flesh. Least of us know that there are better purpose man should accomplish.
Man is the most important creation in the universe. We possess all the tools to accomplish many things. Yet most of the time, we think, we live in scarcity. There are many blessings showered to us everyday that we fail to notice. Being healthy alone is a blessing that we can’t ecxchange for money. Living happily with our family is a wealth not all the people enjoy. We need to be thankful if we have three full meal a day eating with our love ones. We don’t need to dine to the most luxurious restaurant to be happy.
I remember a story told to us by my beloved brother in Christ. He said, a wealthy woman who was an owner of the biggest shoe manufacturing company in Marikina can’t enjoy her own made shoes because she lost her legs due to diabetes. He said, I’d rather be an ordinary man with two feet, even without any shoe to wear on, because when I use my body to work later on I can buy a pair of shoes.
A man of God don’t worry about these material things, he don’t even worry for the food he’s going to eat for the day because he know God will always provide.
Hebrews 13:5
Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.
Let’s live for what we have. God will surely shower us with His blessing if we follow his commandments and do good to others.
We are not poor because we receive many blessings every day, we just failed to notice it.

”Stop thinking you are less fortunate, in fact you are most blessed in the sight of God.”

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