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People Who Think They Are Better Than Others.

There are people blinded by success and wealth can sometimes chose to think other people are inferior compared to them without considering things that made them successful and rich. When a person is drown with plenty of things he acquired especially knowledge and most commonly wealth, he forgot he’s human capable of mistakes and imperfections. He begin thinking he is far better than other people. He will start to walk with a mindset that he is incomparable. Unconsciously, he starts to think others as losers, ugly, funny, slaves and poor. However, there are individuals who parades many accomplishment and gain wealth but still keep things in secret and live a humble life.
There are several reasons why there are poeple who strives to portray the best side of them and yet make other people look unwanted.
A person who always say he’s the best is not a motivation but fear of losing to others. He can’t imagine losing to a person especially if he hates that person. He’ll acquire much motivation to hide his fear. He may belittle the other guy to hide his fear and to look good to others. He never realize he begins to bully others.
When a person had a history of frequent rejections. The mechanism of self-promotion will lead to being inconsiderate to the feelings of others. He will produce a guts bigger than the world to say he is better compared to others.
When a person gained so much in his life like education, business and celebrity status, he won’t try to level himself to anybody. He’ll tell himself, I worked hard to gain this, work your way here. He thinks his talents and capabilities surpass others.
When success of a person is too fast sometimes he fails to keep track of time and forgot that he was able to accomplish it because of the help of others. He’ll begin to think he is the best and there is no room for defeat. The delusion that he never needs the help of others starts.
Unfortunately, these people are the failures of this society. They walk in a path where doom is so evident. They are called cruel people. Unmindful of what they are doing because they are focused in creating more wealth. Its not bad to get wealthy but you have look down on people and show gratitude. The bad part of it is when they start to insult others because they are wealthy and famous.

With all of these, men never realize that all material wealth, beauty, success, talent, fortune and prestige are created by the demons to lure people to do evil deeds. They never realize that they fall into a trap of gaining too much in the expense of other. They never care what other might feel, what they think most is to protect themselves.
People who belittle others are fools who lacks true knowledge that came from God. They should be the one pitied for they show no compassion to others. Most commonly they are unwanted and famous for having bad attitude.
Learn the words in the Bible and you’ll know that every individual are important in the sight of God. Never put down anybody because he’s a creation from God.

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